Renovation Refresh

Purchasing a new home is always exciting, however, it can come with the challenge of working with the existing decor and colours. For this client that meant inheriting tiles which had large apricot flecks that did not suit their style. Rather than changing the tiles, which would have been expensive, Casa Interiors undertook a colour consultation and introduced a new colour scheme, using green to balance out the apricot so it seemed to disappear.
During the colour process, a great working relationship was established and Casa Interiors was further engaged to design and manage the installation of a new kitchen for the home. A beautiful piece of marble was chosen for the kitchen to act as a focal point and to hide the daily workings of the busy kitchen.

"Green hues flow throughout, they can even be found on the 'Californian Pier' feature wall in the downstairs entry."


One of the most important factors in interior design is colour choice as it has such a large impact on style, mood and wellbeing. Casa Interiors offer a full spectrum consultation service to match your desired style to the perfect palette of colours.