A full spectrum colour consultation for inspired interiors.

One of the most important factors in Interior Design is colour choice as it has such a large impact on style, mood and wellbeing. Casa Interiors offer expert advice on colour choice and application.

Featured Colour Consultation Projects

Establishing colour choices

Simone establishes a ‘bouncing off point’ when starting with colour, selecting hues from existing elements within a space such as tiles, window frames or flooring, or external sources like a favourite artwork.

Creating and testing colour schemes

Once a set of colours has been established, Simone applies her expertise and knowledge of colour principles and guidelines to craft a suitable colour scheme and palette. Because colours appear different as the sun changes aspect and day turns to night, Simone uses large A4 brushout swatches that allow her clients to experience a colour scheme insitu, in all aspects of lighting.

Influencing the design process

Once a colour scheme is finalised, it will influence all aspect of the design, from fixtures and fittings, to furniture and artwork choices. Simone’s knowledge and understanding of colour principles flow through every project she works on, from consultations and renovations to interior styling and kitchen design.